Meet Our Artist, Daniel John Corbett Sanders

What's your name?

Daniel John Corbett Sanders

What do you do and why do you do it?

I’m an artist, I run a gallery out of my staircase called Parasite, and I work in one of New Zealand’s longest running gay sex clubs. I do it because what else is there and who else will do it.

Where do you live?

Karangahape Road.

Do you mind telling us your age?


What do you like about clothes?

I love how threatening and disruptive clothing can be for people. There’s nothing funnier than ruining someone’s day and throwing their life into crisis by wearing socks slightly too long or an indiscernible silhouette. I love it when my outfit turns heads and I get to see people’s stink faces - pissed off, upset, angry middle class heterosexual goodie two shoe moles. I’ve even had a guy run away from me.

Talk to us about the prints you designed for Jimmy D this season, where did the name “Rote Flora” come from?

The Rote Flora was a monumental building to me when I was a teen living in Hamburg, Germany. It used to say in parts around the walls "We are the UFO in the neighbourhood. The black hole in public space. The City won't get rid of us because we are a part of what life is." Now in wake of the old squatters site is one of the city's most gentrified neighbourhoods where we see evident all the catastrophes of urban (post)industrialism.

What’s significant about Eels for you?

Eels are very relatable animals. You’ll have a few heterosexuals and their offspring feeding ducks in a park and an eel will turn up to join in and freak everyone out and ruin the romance. They’ve got a long history of being unreasonably hated the world over, mainly for their looks. And NZ long fin eels are incredible. They live for a hundred years and only when they’re ready to die will they swim far out to sea to spawn and cark it. They go so deep into the ocean scientists still aren’t exactly sure where they go - probably hell. When the baby eels are born they somehow find their way thousands of kilometres back to NZ and up the rivers to the lakes of their ancestors.

What's your worst habit?

Nodding and agreeing with people when I have no idea wtf they’re talking about but can’t be bothered finding out.

When you were young did you get hassled at school?

Quite full on. I used to have my hair pulled back on the bus home from school and get Lynx sprayed up my nose until I couldn’t breathe. I had a watermelon thrown at me from 3 stories high at school, and once when I was driving home on my scooter I got kicked off into traffic by a dick from school speeding past. I have hundreds of stories like these. Teachers didn’t give a fuck and just told me if I didn’t want to be bullied then I shouldn’t be different. How I was treated in school and how people responded has definitely influenced my outlook on life now.

What keeps you awake at night?

I have an irrational fear of being killed in my sleep and eaten.

Do you have a recurring dream or nightmare?

In my dreams my boyfriend keeps ordering fried seahorses that have the faces of chihuahua dogs - it’s really weird.

My celebrity crushes are:

Patricia Morrison, Jessicka Addams and Lily Tomlin.