Meet Sam Clyma

What's your name?

Samuel Clyma.

What do you do and why do you do it?

Well...lots… Basically I work as a creative in a lot of different areas, video, photography, post production as well as leather accessory design and production. On the other hand I also work as a librarian in academic institutions. Why do I do it? Because i'm greedy, for experience, knowledge, money, things to do etc.

Where do you live?

Currently I live in London.

Do you mind telling us your age?


What do you like about clothes?

What I like most about clothes is the dualism they have in being both a form of communication and social critique/evaluation/dialogue while at the same time simply being the crap you use to not be nude… and cold

What's your guilty pleasure?

Well i’m quite into treating myself…(although i'm not really that guilty about it…) mostly sweets and foods.

What are your most used emoji's?

You are on 'Come Dine With Me', what do you cook for each course, what do you wear when hosting and how do you make the evening special?


What's your worst habit?

LOL hygiene…