Meet Beverly Lim

What's your name?

Beverly Lim

What do you do and why do you do it?

Auckland's Aunty Bev! Listening to you, making sure your voice is heard, sussing the buzz and supporting your dreams! I also write, do make up and whatever makes me happy and to help you out too! Why do I do it? I into fostering and nurturing good relationships with like minded people because they are very difficult to come by. 

Where do you live?

Eden Terrace, Auckland.

Do you mind telling us your age?

In my second round of my zodiac cycle! Water Monkey! 24! 

What do you like about clothes?

Curation of a facade that may be intangible to you at the moment. Also, the one thing a person can control about themselves in a world of the unpredictable.

What's your worst habit?

Speaking at a manic pace and unintentionally interrupting people by accident because I’m too excited!!!

Are you superstitious?

Yes - majority of my underwear is red #goodfortune 

Which people are icons for you in terms of your own style?

Michelle Lamy &

What keeps you awake at night?

Maxing out the 160km radius on Tinder and swiping till there’s no one left #aloneforever #whyisnewzealandproblematic

Do you have a recurring dream or nightmare?

I always have these dreams about spitting teeth out and putting them back in. It's pretty repulsive and I wake up disgusted an check if my teeth are still there. According to Freud, it's anxiety about sexual repression. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯